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Welcome to Coquille Martial Arts

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74 E 1st St
Coquille, Or 97423

Phone for more info: 541-396-5576

Build memories, build character, build strength
Champions in and out of the ring

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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, heavily influenced by the Japanese occupation of Korea, a century ago, when all Koreans learned some form of Japanese art, perceived to make them more Japanese. Shotokan karate as envisioned by Funikoshi shows its influence in Taekwondo(TKD) in the forms and defenses taught in many modern TKD schools. The Koreans then returned to TKD the higher flowing kicks of Chinese tradition. The Olympics has allowed TKD a chance to utilize modern science in terms of body mechanics for both power and safety in a way many other arts have not. TKD is versatile enough to be enjoyed by people of varied body types and physical abilities. It's moral componants make it an ideal art for children, and the high kicks can be ...more....

Taekwondo ~ Tai Chi ~ Hapkido ~ Systema

Accredited by

American Jidokwon Taekwondo Federation,
affiliated with the United Hapkido Federation

Currently accepting new students at all locations


Coquille:Downtown Studio, 74 E 1st, Coquille

Our original location and the school's home dojang. This location opened in 2000 and is run by Jim and Karen Saxton who travel extensively to keep their training up to date, in all 4 arts: TKD, Tai Chi, Hapkido and Systema. Aided by a team of black belts, they work to keep their school on the top of the latest in martial arts.more

Bandon: Lodge #133 IOOF 88184 hWY 42 s, Bandon

The Bandon location was founded in 2005, at the Bandon Community Center aka the Barn. We left during the renovation and returned in 2012. in 2023 we moved to the IOOF lodge.
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