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Systema Study Group

Systema Study group Systema is fast growing in popularity around the world. Many countries now teach systema to their special forces. This Russian martial art is both a system of real life self defense and a system of relaxation and survival for everyday life, including ways to heal the body from stress and injury through relaxation and breathing. New to our country in the last decade or so, there are only about 100 certified instructors in the country. This informal study group is open to all teen and adult students of Coquille MA, and to students of any accredited systema program free of charge. A small donation is asked of those not thus enrolled. You will have the opportunity to work with a certified instructor several times a year, and then practice with the group in between times. We work in conjunction with the Eugene Systema study group at BMAI. Jim and Karen Saxton are currently working toward their goal of achieving their certified instructor in training and have traveled to California, Eugene and Seattle, to study with other schools, in addition to maintaining a nearly complete collection of Systema training materials, both from the head school in Toronto and from other sources. Systema works on self defense and survival through easing the fear and tension that prevents our success. Systema teaches natural movement that flow from the respect for the sanctity of human life and from the resolution of fear and removal of tension that is taught in Systema. Systema ground defense works to off balance your opponant, without having to resort to wrestling. You can learn to use the ground and other obstacles against your opponant instead of having them used against you, thus removing the disparity between body sizes that can handicap someone who forced to the ground by amuch larger opponant. Many of the strikes and moves in systema are unorthodox when compared to other traditional martial arts, and from the outside, appear ineffectual. Don't be fooled by appearances! Most importantly, one of the underlying principals of systema is to make sure that "your training and your attitudes do no damage to the body or the psyche of you or your training partners" a philosophy that you will experience in all of Coquille Martial Arts classes and which is the primary reason this class is offered. Systema NW Shown, Karen Saxton demonstrates disarming an attacker during demos at the Coquille's Gay 90's celebration.

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