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The Classes We Offer: Old meets New

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modified for a more mature practitioner or for those with past injuries.

Taekwondo dates back the hwarang styles of ancient Korea, which where then updated during the Japanese occupation of the early 1900's, the Korean Conflict of the 50's and finally by the Olympics, which allowed much money to be used for martial arts research. The Japanese taught the KoreansShotokan Karate as taught by Ginchin Funakoshi, modified from the original Okinawan styles to become "more Japanese." They also taught judo and jujitsu which later became what we know and teach as Hapkido. The Koreans then took these "new" arts and made them their own, with several schools or kwans each having a slightly different style. Most of the kwans continued to send representatives to train in Japan and many still train with the Japanese today.

Taekwondo is at once a moving art like gymnastics, an olympic sport and a very effective self defense style. Since our adult self defenses incorporate the Korean art of Hapkido, this makes our Taekwondo all the more powerful as a system of personal self defense. The style of Hapkido we teach is a safe and effective police art.

Each of our other styles have much the same history, with roots deep in antiquity, but with modern influences making each as valid today as they were when they were started.

Hapkido is a joint locking and throwing art taken from jujitsu and Judo and developed by the Koreans to be an effective police and personal defense art.

Each of the styles we offer is a complete martial arts style and not a mish-mash of several incomplete styles as offered in many so called "freestyle" schools, which often bear no resemblance to the karate, hapkido or other art they claim to identify with.

Tai Chi is broken into two tracks: the 8 form or Tai Chi for balance as taught by Sumin Barkhus and recommended by the CDC to prevent falling for middle aged and older adults. The Yang style 108 form - takes the moves learned in the 8 form in a more complex combination. Many of the self defense technique drills for Tai Chi are also used in our Systema class. Systema is a Russian Martial art modernized and developed by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladamir Vasiliev. Our study group is supported by Eugene Systema.

We offer Taekwondo and traditional martial arts weaponry, Tai Chi, Systema(study group), We offer Taekwondo and weapons at our Bandon studio, and Taekwondo, and Tai Chi in Coos Bay at the 158 Market st

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