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Adult Tae Kwon Do: Old meets New

Tae Kwon Do was developed when the ancient hwarangs of korea were tempered by the Japanese occupation of the early 1900's. The koreans took these new ideas, blended them with the old, and defeated the Japanese. TKD was also used in the Korean conflict and then became an Olympic sport, with monies for research on how to make these skills even stronger and faster.

At Coquille Martial Arts, our self defense movements are based on UHF Hapkido, an effective police and military system for controlling an assailant. Adults have the option to receive black belts in both TKD and Hapkido at the end of their colorbelt training.

Teen, adult and senior TKD: In addition to teaching all the traditional aspects of TKD, the adult classes teach self defense from the view point of a variety of martial arts, both standing and using groundwork. Use of proper communication skills is continued and our curriculum is based on proven curriculum that is used both in police work and in the corporate world. This helps our students excel in many areas of their life.

Teens are transitioned from our children's classes into the adult class at their own rate.

Seniors and adults with injuries or other special needs receive a slower version of the adult curriculum, if necessary, allowing for the development of strength and balance. Those with injuries will find that the instructors at Coquille Martial Arts will work with their special needs to avoid further injury and increase strength.

A more detailed version of our Kid Speak program is taught both to help break the cycle of abuse, and to allow more productive conversations in business and at work. Parents who take this class will learn how to help their children face bullying without violence and to maintain a high sense of self esteem in their encounters with children and adults.

Family TKD A special class where all members of the famiily can train together. Self defense will continue to be age appropriate, and learning games will be offered for the children in class.

Adult Weapons The adult weapons program is an additional class for members of the Tae Kwon Do and Tai Chi programs, but also open to non students with instructor permission. in this class you will learn swordsmanship and kubudo: the use of a variety of weapons(and open hand techniques) against the sword. These are taken from a variety of styles, including escrima, budo, japanese and chinese sword and spear. You will free-spar with padded and wooden weapons in addition to learning patterned defenses, strikes and kata with a variety of weapons.

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