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UHF Hapkido

Coquille Martial Arts is a certified United Hapkido Federation school.

The hapkido taught at Coquille Martial Arts is not designed for use in free sparring or MMA, but is more in line with traditional police and military work. Although uniquely Korean, there is much borrowed from Japanese jujitsu. Unlike many of the harsher styles of jujitsu, the locks used can safely subdue an agressor in a way that is least likely to harm either party., making it ideal for personal self defense or for professional security and police work

If you want to know more about the history of our style go to The head of the United Hapkido Federation, Grandmaster Ron Suggs has extensive training and on the job use of the hapkido techniques we teach as part of Coquille Martial Arts' curriuculum in our Taekwondo/Hapkido program. Many of these are incorporated into our adult TKD self-defense curriculum while the rest are taught as in our adult classes allowing our students to earn two belts in one program. As Hapkido requires knowledge of punching, kicking, and safe falling/rolling techniques, it makes sense to integrate it into our TaeKwondo program. The other componant of Hapkido is ki development, which is taught in our Tai Chi classes and hapkido sessions. We teach an extensive array of escaping from grabs in our children's classes as well.

Hapkido is a great self defense art for anyone, regardless of one's size or personal strangth.

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