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A Retrospective in Photos

Our school officially opened in May, 2000........

Our first tournament took place in McMinnville, 9/2001 and was sponsored by White Wolf Karate. Even with only two students we made our presence known.

From left: Tasha Daily and Dane Saxton; Mighty River Classic Oct 2002 From left: Cassie daily, Dane Saxton, Tasha Daily

And now from 2010 back to 2000: For the most recent photos check our our Facebook page

National Night Out 2010

Held at Coquille High to raise awareness of safety

Summer Fun In School Tournament

Because every tournament should be a learning experience

Coos County Fair 2010

Our best and largest demo ever. We had between 22-24 on stage at all times, as we educated the audience and ourselves at the same time

Gold and Silver Falls 2010

Our annual beginning of summer event

Instructors maintain certification

Gay 90's Parade and Demos 2010

Spring In school 2010

Kids' class Early Fall 2009

Coquille MA Summer fun double header tournament and systema workshop 2009



Fair demos 2009

Our 4th annual Tournament

Tournament at Chip Wrights

Must study my opponant - to get flags................... Tianna kicks above her head......... Gabe!............ Kayla's foot blurs

Chip Wright puts on a great tournament that attracts good competition.
But, where did all the girls go? In a class with 6 boys, our Kate is one tough kid

Halloween Party at Coquille Dojo 2008

They say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. On October 25th we took a few hours off for fun. Everyone came as a favorite character, from Scooby-doo to Snape

Cranberry Festival in Bandon 2008

more to come - please check back

Kayla's kamas, Frankling with bo,

Dane gaining air and side kick

JJ works a form he just learned, Joselyn sides and smashes,

Cheryl and Mrs Saxton spear

Mr Saxton is the shadow swordsman, Father and Son defenses

JJ - Mrs Saxton systema throw

Mrs Saxton Knife redirect,

Breaking is fun

Self defense takes many forms

The new sign

Fair Demos 2008

Franklin and his bo; Cheryl removes Patrick's weapon

Max does his open hand form

Max's mom learns a women's self defense

Mr Saxton demonstrates a form and teaches kids self defense

Cheryl and Mrs Saxton doing syncronized spear forms

More spear and tai chi first set

Gabe takes Nikki down, and Tianna defends against Gabe

Gay 90's 2008 demonstrations

Punches kicks and blocks - The Western auto building in the background is our new home

Kayla Does her Kama Form and tasha with her bo

Mr. saxton and Tasha Break

Dane shows off a straight punch in his forms and demonstrates that real boards are easy

The sword class performs kata, and then cuts for an audience

Nikki shows off her women's self defense

The systema class demonstrates the traditional Russian Martial Art

The Tai Chi class finishes with first set

February 9th Sexual Assault Awareness demos demonstrations

On February 9th, 2008 we demonstrated self defense for a Sexual Assault Awareness Day for the local Girl Scout Council.

Taryn escapes a choke

Mr Saxton demonstrates the simplest escape from a grab

Tula shows how to evade an attempted grab

Taryn takes her would be molester down

Mrs Saxton shows a knife defense in which her intended defense fails and she must improvise.

Mariah takes her attacker down

Annual Picnic 2006

It's not a picnic without a fire

or food
of all kinds

catching crawdads


and awards

August 2006 Street Fair demonstrations

Punches kicks and blocks - our former studio building in the background (right)

Kayla Does her Kama Form

Picnic 2005

Water fun
It's a long way down

New Black Belts for 2005


And the winner is....

2005 Winston Tournament 

The team, before and after. Tasha does Koryo.

Scenes from the 2004 August Street Fair

Scenes from the County Fair, July 2004

Battle of the Champions, March 2004

From Left: back row, Dane Saxton, John D'Armond
Center row, Kathy Kerr, Mariah Langenberg, Nikki Keller
Front Kaili, Kerr

Tournament Candids

Salem Tournament Winners: Back row - Dane Saxton, John D'Armond, Center -Kathy Kerr, Mariah Langeberg, Nikki Keller, Front- Kaili Kerr

Winston tournament 2004: Dane and Mr Saxton, Nikki Keller, Mariah Langenberg and Casey Felton

Dane tries to axe kick the ball

the ball has a different idea

Casey Uses his head and wins!
Black Belt Club in the Park in the Rain May 2004

Our spring grads - June 2004 Back row: Casey, Breezy, Kathy, Nikki(slightly forward) and Dane Front row: Briar, Mariah, Tucker, Lain, and Kaili. Combined trophy count from the October Battle of the Champions and from Mighty River Classic: From Left, John DeArmond, Dane Saxton, Casey Felton, Nikki Keller, Mariah Langenberg, Tasha Daily, Dakota Deuel.

Winston again

From left: Newton Pittullo, Dane Saxton, Cassie Daily, Tasha Daily, Coach Karen Saxton

Winston is a favorite tournament as it is well run and close to home - the official press release photo from our second Winston tournament

From left back row: Nikki Keller, Dane Saxton, Tyler Greene - front row: Mariah Langenberg, Cassie Daily, Newton Pittullo and Tasha Daily

Battle of the Champions, October 18, 2003

Left pic - from left: back Nikki Keller, Tyler Greene.
Front row: Dane Saxton, Cassie Daily, Mariah Langenberg

Class Pics

Oct 2003

From left - back row: John D'Armond, Jim Saxton(instructor), Karen Saxton(instructor), Dane Saxton.
Middle Row: Nikki Keller, Geran Balken, Tyler Greene
Front Row: Cassie Daily, Mariah Langenberg, Tasha Daily, Newton Pittullo
Missing: Valerie Balken, Nick Redmond. Megan Geer

Another early tournament that was all about the comraderie between two schools: reiss's and Coquille. Our kids proudly display their medals

Oct 2002

Back row from left: Karen Saxton(instructor), Jim Saxton(instructor), Dane Saxton
Middle row: Mariah Langenberg, Cody Barnett, Tasha Daily, Tyler Greene, Jonathan Strike
Front Row: Cassie Daily, Newton Pittullo

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