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Bill Scott(student)
If you always wanted to know what Martial Arts is about,come down to the school and check it out for yourself and tell your friends and family.I highly Recommend Coquille Martial Arts for anyone who interested.

Kai Anders(Dance and Meditation instructor)
The Saxton's are wonderful instructors. Jim must take a hundred falls a day just for the benefit of his students! Their interactions with their students are patient, kind, but firm. I highly recommend!

Karen Averill(4th dan Tang Soo Do)
I <3 the Oregon Coast and especially Coquille Martial Arts!

Amanda Taylor(parent of a student) "Martial Arts teaches alot more than just how to kick or punch. Katie has learned perseverance, staying with it for the long haul and she applies it in everything she does. She has learned discipline, nothing comes without hard work and desire. She has learned humility, kindness, confidence and self control. She wouldn't be the amazing young lady that she is today, without the training martial arts has given her. Always striving, she already has a count down to when she can test for adult blackbelt

Bill and Elia Brimer(grandparents who posted on our wall)
Since bringing our granddaughter, Brooklynn Lott to CMA to learn Tae Kwon Do, we have seen her martial arts skills have improved dramatically. Mr and Mrs Saxton not only teach TKD, but they also stress personal responsibility to the students. Brooklynns technical and sparring skills have taken some really big leaps. And now that the Coos Bay branch of the school has opened at the Green Spot, she has been working with Mr and Mrs Saxtons son, Dane Saxton three hours a day twice a week. Her commitment to training has been noted by all of us, and by her personal commitment to not let Dane down, her physical strength and endurance have improved quickly. There is no doubt that bringing Brooklynn to Coquille Martial Arts was the best thing we could have done for her in the long run. Not only has she found a great martial arts home, her family has grown by a couple of older brothers, Dane Saxton, and Bill Scott, as well an older sister, Katie Davidson, and the entire Thrash clan.