Letter to the editor,

I have been so pleasantly
surprised by the quality and
ability of our local Martial
Arts Do Jo.{sic} Really outstand-
ing instruction for such a
small town. The care and
attention to detail and stu-
dent is better than any I
have experienced in the past.

As many of us get older we
can see the increased physi-
cal problems that need
attention and taking Tai Chi
Chaun from the Coquille
Martial Arts Do Jo{sic} has been
a blessing. Without strenu-
ous effort the class can
increase your energy level,
making you feel stronger
and more vibrant, increase
flexibility, balance, and fight
fatigue. I'm pushing 60, but
since taking this class I feel
calmer, more energized and
sleep betetr. I encourage
anyone who is disappointed
in the aging process to give
it a try. You will be pleas-
antly surprised!

Nancy Shinn